Experts in residuals management & repurposing

At Terra Renewal, we take a scientific approach to environmental responsibility. We are experts in managing and repurposing organic residual flows produced by a variety of vertical industries. 

Natural soil enrichment solutions

Unburdening these industries with our highly efficient, nation-wide collection services, we apply state-of-art knowledge and technology to transform their by-products into natural soil enrichment solutions for farmers.

  • 500 million gallons (85,000 trailer loads) of residuals repurposed annually
  • 2 million gallons of lagoon/digester sludge repurposed every year
  • 36 operating centers across 20 states
  • 250,000 acres of permitted farmland 
  • 10 million gallons of storage capacity, strategically disbursed, for use during inclement weather and unforeseen emergencies

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